Welcome to GIF DANCE PARTY INSTALLATION. Created with lots of love/code by Fuzzy Wobble, Wes, Joe, and Matt in an effort to bring an experiential party installation that goes far beyond the familiar photo/gif booth. We have ventured into a world of interactive / looped / reversed / cloned / collaborative / pelvic-thrusting / dancing / comical / chaos -- creating a memorable party experience for everyone. This project was released recently, in May 2015, and stems from the viral website http://gifdanceparty.giphy.com/ created by Fuzzy Wobble back in 2012.
欢迎来到 GIF DANCE PARTY INSTALLATION. GIF dance party installation 是由三位互动设计师fuzzy Wobble, Wes 和Matt 共同以电脑程式设计出来的互动装置艺术。此作品给予人不同的互动体验,也同时远远的超越以往老旧的照相亭。我们之所以想要带给人们难忘的派对经验和欢乐,所以大胆地探索互动性,无限循环的,复制性的,协调性,舞蹈和喜剧性的世界。设计师Fuzzy Wobble在2012年创造了非常备受欢迎的互动网站 - http://gifdanceparty.giphy.com/ ,而获得到大量的灵感。Fuzzy Wobble 在2015年完成另一个给予人惊喜和快乐的 GIF dance party 互动装置作品。
Fuzzy Wobble
Creator & Developer
Wes Thomas
Backend Developer
Matt Griffis
UI Developer
Joe Saavedra
All-Around Guru
Neil Brown
Keyboard Slapper
GIF DANCE PARTY INSTALLATION was created with the following technologies: Kinect V2, OpenFrameworks/C++, Ofx Kinect for Windows, Node.js, Socket.io, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL Lite, Arduino, etc...
Below is an early (and very boring) tech demo.
We are available for global booking.
Email us at gimmethegifdanceparty@gmail.com and we can make it happen!
我们已开放网路预约。 如有兴趣与我们合作,请您发送电子邮件到 - gimmethegifdanceparty@gmail.com
Dec 2015, Booking
Edelman XMas Party, NYC
Nov 2015, Hype
Sept 2015, Booking
ADC Young Guns Design Awards, NYC
August 2015, Hype
July 2015, Hype
Future of Storytelling: Join The Digital Dance Party
July 2015, Hype
Prosthetic Knowledge: GIF Dance Party IRL
May 2015, Booking
Together Festival Boston
May 2015, Booking
MIT Media Lab End of Year Party
May 2015